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Sample Characters

All sample characters are based on 50 points.

Lan Park

Name: Lan Park
Agency: CIA
Handler: Bob Woodcock, CIA
Cover Identity: Marvin Wellbridge, civil engineer, bridge builder.
Mission: infiltrate terrorist cell, stop them blowing up bridges.
Motivation: Patriotism

Agility : 10pts (quicker than he looks)
Brains : 10pts (Passed university calculus)
Brawn : 10pts (Works outdoors a lot)
Charm : 15pts (Hey, I know how it is, amirite?!)


  • Secret base : 10 pts (Hidden underneath O'Sullen's Pub)


  • Actually loves cover family : 5 pts ()

Morgan Underhill

Name: Morgan Underhill. Actually something else.
Agency: Seelie Court
Handler: Robin Goodfellow
Cover Identity: Greg Landberg, Susan Gow, Mickey Fay; all contract workers for medical research companies.
Mission: Keep track of the Fae secrets plundered by the world of Man. Actually to steal research secrets for real handling organization.
Motivation: Service to Her Most Radiant Majesty.

Agility : 25 pts (Inhuman grace)
Brains : 10 pts (Reasonably clever, aside from the brain-washing)
Brawn : 5 pts (Slight build)
Charm : 20 pts (Glamour-ous)


  • Limited shape-shifting : 25 pts (By concentrating, can mold body like putty, allows for slow changes to body/face)


  • Changeling : 5 pts (Mistakenly believes zie is an elf sent to act in the “surface world” by Titania, Queen of the Fairies)
  • Talks to plants : 5 pts (Has one-sided conversations with plant life.)
  • Double Agent : 10 pts (Is actually an agent for a meta-national pharmaceutical corporation, and does not know it.)
  • Iron Allergy : 15 pts (Psychosomatic hypnotically induced iron allergy - contact with “cold iron” causes immediate painful blisters)

Gus Aleph-932

Name: Gus Aleph-932
Agency: Tyrell Corporation
Handler: Norman Van Der Soon, VP Artificial Operations
Cover Identity: William Ross, Senior Advisor to Senator Gordon Jamieson
Mission: Pay off and control senators. Perform cleanup operations on rogue resources.
Motivation: I want more life, Father.

Agility : 25pts (Makes panthers look awkward)
Brains : 20pts (Overclocked Brain)
Brawn : 25pts (Tougher than he looks. And he looks pretty tough.)
Charm : 10pts (Very enthusiastic!)


  • None


  • It's too bad he won't live - but then again, who does? : 10 pts (Will only live another 2 years before built in self-destruct kicks off)
  • Let me tell you about my mother… : 15 pts (Is actually an artificial life form, which can be detected by medical exams, xrays, etc. )
  • Retirable : 5 pts (As a non-human, is not entitled to legal protections)


Name: Blue
Agency: Mannequin Inc.
Handler: Roy Gruber Baker IV
Cover Identity: Janet Gernsbeck, CPA
Mission: Compromise Pharmaceutical Executive; seduce, marry, and syphon intel.
Motivation: Individuation

Agility : 20 pts (Hard-wired reflexive action module)
Brains : 20 pts (Thinks faster than you)
Brawn : 10 pts (Pain and fatigue bypass module)
Charm : 25 pts (Like she was made for you…)


  • Can you fly a helicopter? Not yet… : 20 pts (Download skills and knowledge remotely)
  • Imprinted Personality : 5 pts (Cannot betray cover, as she doesn't know Janet is not her real identity)


  • Who am I? : 15 pts (Actual identity has been erased - even in “mannequin” state, has no idea who she really is)
  • Combat Compromised : 20 pts (Has no access to spy skills unless triggered by a handler)
  • There are three flowers in a vase… : 15 pts (Can be triggered to actions/states by cryptic phrases from handler)

Hank Berkowitz

Name: Hank Berkowitz
Agency: NSA
Handler: Susan Wooster
Cover Identity: Hank Brown, computer repair technician
Mission: Use brain power to identify Intelligence Resources for NSA
Motivation: Get normal life back

Agility : 5pts (Only trips over own shoes occasionally)
Brains : 45pts (Should have several doctorates)
Brawn : 5pts (Does deal well with pain)
Charm : 10pts (Earnest)


  • Total Information Awareness : 15 pts (Has an organic computer in his brain that links intelligence data from multiple agencies, and performs meta-conscious associations with Hank's mind so that he gets “flashes” of info based on what he sees, hears, etc. that are beyond what the individual agencies can collect.)


  • Big Wuss : 30 pts (Did not attend ninja training class, doesn't know how to use a gun, doesn't deal well with blood, etc.)
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