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This section is for Matt's ORE playtest to introduce people to the One Role Engine for the Wild Talents game.

There are 6 pregenerated PCs for this session. They have no names, gender etc. until a players picks them, but they have fully worked out power sets and stats. The PCs are built on 250 points, which is what I think of as Fantastic Four or Spider-man level of power. All six are assumed to be part of some super group. That fights crime.

  1. PC 1 (Eric): Falsely imprisoned by zir lover's powerful parent, PC 1 was experimented on, and escaped with a mixture of telepathy, invisibility and mild superstrength and armour, but can no longer pass for human. Might be a vampire type critter, might not be. Seeking justice, zie fights crime!
  2. PC 2 (Arnon): PC 2 is a young mutant telekinetic, orphaned and thrown out of the system when zir powers manifested. Trained by zir mentor $MENTOR after years of living on the streets, zie fights crime!
  3. PC 3: (Chris) PC 3 was a normal kid until zir mutant powers kicked in. Now zie is a massive, monstrous Brick, nigh-invulnerable and terrifyingly strong. Zie struggles to hold on to zir humanity while searching for acceptance. Zie fights crime!
  4. PC 4 (Lynna): A pilot injured in a test flight for a rocket jet with an experimental power source, PC 4 is now a living inferno who struggles to do the right thing, but whose powers tend to result in a lot of big fires to clean up. Literally! Zie fights crime!
  5. PC 5 (Sean): After a mystic ritual, PC 5 is the avatar of a large predatory spirit animal (like a wolf or a tiger or something). Enhanced with deadly claws and super sharp senses, zie fights crime!
  6. PC 6 (Corbet): Working late, tinkering in zir hackerspace, PC 6 saw a criminal robbing something. Annoyed at the distraction, zie went back to work. Later that same criminal murdered zir parent and/or guardian! Devoting zir life to protecting others, zie built a suit of armour that enhances zir strength and agility, and allows zir to roam the city on strong cables that can also bind up an opponent. Zie fights crime!

If I get more than 6 players showing up, some people will play the villains I was going to use as NPCs instead.

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