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The Empire of America

Despite the name, the Empire of America is, at least in theory, a constitutional monarchy. Its monarch is known as King or Queen, depending on gender, at least so far.

The government of America consists of Parliament (also known as Congress), which is made up of locally elected representatives. Parliament meets between one and a dozen times a year face to face. Most votes are settled remotely via Network, with only the most important matters calling for an actual Parliament session.

Parliament has only basic power to enact policy - it must answer to the House of Lords. The House is made up of landed and titled aristocrats appointed by the Queen. These powerful men (and nearly all of them are men in this day and age) control large amounts of land and resources. All decisions made by Parliament must then be confirmed by the House of Lords. The Lords can overrule, veto or modify laws passed by Parliament.

Finally, the House of Lords must answer to the Queen, who has final discretion on all laws. The Queen can propose legislation of her own, but this is rare. More commonly, she announces general policy direction and guides the House of Lords through audiences and closed sessions.

The Empire of America does have a constitution, but it does not guarantee the same rights and freedoms that the old United States of America constitution did.

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