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The Nano-Victorian Future uses five attributes. In general, 1-5 is a “low” value, 5-10 is “average”, 10-20 represents exceptional ability, and more than 20 is awe-inspiring.

For each Attribute, the player should include a 1-3 word description as the character's specialization.


Brawn represents strength, size, and ability to soak up damage. This is the stat for heavy lifting, heavy drinking, and fist fights. Brawn maxes out at 20 points for unmodified humans - a score higher than that indicates some kind of genetic modification or nanotech implants.

High Brawn characters would include modified super-soldiers (at the high end taking in things like the Seraphim), bare-knuckle boxers, stevedores and giant Demons.

A Brawn of zero might indicate a person with a debilitating illness, of the sort that results in being confined to bed, paralysis, or similar incapacitation.

Possible specializations for Brawn would include “Taking a beating”, “Pummeling Idjits”, and “Throwing Large Objects”.


Intelligence is cleverness, mathematical processing power, as well as education and breadth of knowledge.

High Intelligence characters would include scientists, inventors, hackers, gentlemen scholars and nanotech experts.

An Intelligence of zero indicates severe brain damage or dysfunction - the character would have difficulty understanding speech and grasping basic concepts, running almost entirely on instinct.

Possible specializations in Intelligence would include “Math Wiz”, “Walking Dictionary”, and “Hacker Extraordinaire”.


Resilience is toughness, both physical and mental. Physically, this covers endurance type things; pushing one's limits to run long distances, staying conscious during torture, etc. Mentally it covers keeping secrets private during torture, keeping one's head when drugged and resisting addiction.

High resilience characters would include tough-as-nails cops, hardened military veterans, scientists with nerves of steel and unflappable pilots.

A resilience of zero represents extreme cowardice, laziness and/or a depressed immune system.

Possible specializations for Resilience would include “Staying on my Feet”, “Calm”, and “Never Stops”.


Warfare represents skill in combat - this covers shooting, dodging, sword fighting, etc. Fist fights and grappling fall more under the realm of Brawn.

High Warfare characters would include snipers, aristocratic hunters/fencers, soldiers and career criminals.

A warfare of zero might represent a brain implant that enforces pacifism, a serious affliction causing a severe lack of coordination or something similar.

Possible specializations in Warfare would include “Sniping”, “Fencing”, and “Knife-throwing”.


Influence represents how well-connected a character is. It covers the ability to exploit the character's social network of friends and allies to get information, borrow money, or call in favours. It does not confer wealth or social class standing, though high Influence characters are often able to attain both if they set their minds to it.

High Influence characters include wealthy aristocrats, politicians, socialites, and rabble-rousing anarchists. If Florimel of Amber lived in the Nano-Victorian Future, she'd be first ranked in Influence.

An Influence of zero would represent a total social pariah, essentially incapable of interacting with other people in a meaningful way.

Possible specializations in Influence would include “The Prettiest”, “Suave”, and “Knows Everyone Worth Knowing”.

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