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-====== Rules ====== 
-A note on language: all the terms for Jedi powers and philosophy are translated from the alien [[Headmaster]]'​s own language. As such, there is sometimes no exact English translation for the term, so several similar terms are provided for clarity. ​ 
-To use the Force to perform an action, a PC needs to use a Discipline combined with either a Virtue or a Temptation. 
-===== Disciplines ===== 
-Disciplines are the power attributes. Your score in a discipline determines what you can do with it. A score of zero (0) means that you cannot use that discipline at all. 
-Using any of these against another Jedi is significantly more difficult - it is opposed by a matching power (Discipline + Virtue/​Temptation). With Telepathy, even without, acting against a trained mind tends to bump the level of difficulty up. 
-^ Score ^  Unseen Hand (telekinesis) ​ ^^^^ 
-|1-4 | Lift/​move ​ small objects like coins slowly. | 
-|5-9 | Push/pull small objects quickly. Lift/move people sized objects slowly. ​ | | Boost own movements slightly | 
-|10-14 | Move small objects with detailed control. Push/pull people sized objects quickly. Lift/move larger objects. | Reinforce/​energize held objects. | Boosted leaps | 
-|15-19 | Move people sized objects with detailed control. Push/pull large objects. | Energized projectiles | Double jumps |  | 
-|20-24 | Move large objects with detailed control. | Deflect with the mind alone. Energize unarmed attacks. ​ | Levitate self | 
-|25+ | Size matters not. |   ​| ​ | Control fine enough to start moving electrical charge or heat. | 
-^ Score ^ Whispered Thought (telepathy) ​ ^^^^ 
-|1-4 | Detect thinking beings | | 
-|5-9 | Read surface emotions (easier with friends) | Give simple one word commands to the weak-minded| Send emotional sensations to friends | 
-|10-14 | Read surface thoughts | Give short spoken commands | Send brief messages/​images |  
-|15-19 | Read deeper memories | Give longer lasting commands | Send several sentences/​impressions | Brief mental illusions | 
-|20-24 | Read memories from resisting subjects | Give unspoken commands | Speak into minds | Sustained mental illusions affecting multiple subjects | 
-|25+ | | Edit memories | 
-^ Score ^  Unified Destiny (precognition/​clairsentience) ​ ^^^ 
-|1-4 | I've got a bad feeling about this | | 
-|5-9 | Sense big events as broadly positive or negative | | Read emotional impressions from objects | 
-|10-14 |Specific information about threats to one's self | React to immediate threats before they happen - allows blocking of bullets, but doesn'​t protect what you block with. | Read a single data point about an object (whose it is, what it was used for, etc.) |  
-|15-19 | Visual/​auditory flashes of the future | Improved reaction times - dodge bullets | Short view of remote place |  
-|20-24 | Future cut scenes | Walk of Fate - by submitting to Fate, be guided by the plot. | Remote viewing | Twist of Fate; opponents miss, equipment jams | 
-|25+ | Narrate a scene that hasn't happened yet, once | | Awareness at distance | 
-^ Score ^  Body Under Will (psychometabolism) ​ ^^ 
-|1-4 | Bodily awareness; perceive poisons, illness and injury. ​ || 
-|5-9 | Ignore fatigue | Push body to its limits longer | 
-|10-14 | Healing trance to resist poisons, recover from injuries faster. ​ | Exceed normal potential for strength and speed | 
-|15-19 | Ignore injuries | Run faster, jump higher than humanly possible. Temporarily boost strength beyond nomrla human range. Includes being able to block and dodge projectiles. | 
-|20-24 | Ignore major injuries | Awareness of other bodies, allowing diagnosis and identifying weaknesses | 
-|25+ | Heal others | Directly attack another'​s life force | 
-===== Virtues ===== 
-The Force can only be used by a mind following the four Virtues of the Jedi - or the four Temptations of the Sith.  
-^  Virtue ​ ^  Description ​ ^ 
-| Compassion | This is similar to the Buddhist concept of {{wp>​Karuṇā}}. Empathy and care for living things and a wish to see them freed from suffering. | 
-| Selflessness | Similar to the Buddhist concept of {{wp>​Anatta}}. An absence of ego, abandonment of pride and personal focus.| 
-| Calm/Peace | Quiet, serene ease. A lack of striving and acting with patience and unhurried equanimity. | 
-| Submission | A removal of attachment to one's own goals and desires, surrendering to the flow of fate, to the Path. To let go of trying to control the future, and simply exist in the moment and act in the current situation. | 
-===== Temptations ===== 
-The temptations of the Dark Side. Quicker, more seductive. Using the Force through the Temptations can seem like a good idea, and an inattentive student can be deceived that the path of the Dark Side is the right one. How can it be wrong to be passionate? How can it be wrong to... love? 
-^ Temptation ^ Description ^ 
-| Ego | Attachment to the self as distinct from others. Putting one's self first. Self-aggrandizement. | 
-| Control | Imposing one's will on the world. Attachment to desired outcomes over the development of fate.  | 
-| Freedom | Independence over unity. A refusal to be bound by the rules of man and nature. ​ | 
-| Passion/​Rage/​Fear | Acting from emotion, noise over peace, chaos over order. | 
-===== Force Points ===== 
-Force points can be spent to boost a single action, adding the points spent to the total of Virtue/​Temptation + Discipline. Light Side points can only be spent on actions using Virtues, and Dark Side points can only be spent on actions using Temptations. ​ 
-Ten Force points can be redeemed during a dramatic action to permanently increase a Virtue/​Temptation by one. 
-Force points are gained by using Force powers - each use of a power with a Virtue gains the character a Light Side point, and each using a Temptation a Dark Side point. The more you use each side of the Force, the easier it gets to do it again. ​ 
-===== Skills and Knacks ===== 
-Skills and Knacks cover the mundane parts of a character. These are the unique traits that the character has picked up outside of the Path of the Jedi. This can include things like "Kung Fu", "​Computer Programming",​ "​Baking",​ or "Has a Sweet Motorbike"​. These are all traits that equate to things that can be found in the real world of 2017 - no super-science or magic, this is the stuff of Earth. 
-===== Advancement ===== 
-The easiest way to advance your Virtues and Temptations is to spend Light/Dark Side points during an action. ​ 
-To advance Disciplines,​ you need to spend points between sessions, as awarded by the GM. 
-===== Action Examples ===== 
-Oscar'​s Jedi Knight Vama Tehn is being attacked by a squad of armed terrorists using assault rifles. He's already got his trusty baton ready and energized, glowing with a green light, when they fire. The GM determines that blocking the bullets will take Unified Destiny plus one of Submission or Control. So, with his Unified Destiny score of 10, that puts his defense at either 13 or 16. He has to decide how worried he is about that gun fire and how much control he wants over the outcome. 
-Mark's PC Alec is trying to outrun his rival Hank to the Jedi temple. Alec has a Body Under Will score of 12, and the GM tells him that he can use either Calm (4) or Ego (7). Hank has a total score to beat of 18, so Mark will have to either drift to the Dark Side or spend some Light Side points if he wants Alec to win. 
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