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Character Generation

Each character starts with 20 points of Disciplines, 20 points of Virtues and 20 points of Temptations. The character also receives 20 points for skills/knacks. Each character may choose two non-English languages to speak. Everyone speaks English, for simplicity's sake. Starting Light Side Points are equal to the largest Virtue score, and starting Dark Side points are equal to the largest Temptation score.

A basic character sheet looks like this:

Discipline Virtue Temptation
Unseen Hand: Compassion: Ego:
Whispered Thought: Selflessness: Control:
Unified Destiny: Calm/Peace: Freedom:
Body Under Will: Submission: Passion/Rage/Fear:
Light Side Points: Dark Side Points:
Skills/Knacks Languages
Skill 1 English
Skill 2 Language 2
Skill 3 Language 3


Jessica's character Magda is a mechanical whiz with a focus on destiny. She's good at setting aside her striving for the greater good, but has a short temper.

Name: Magda
Discipline Virtue Temptation
Unseen Hand: 0 Compassion: 2 Ego: 1
Whispered Thought: 5 Selflessness: 6 Control: 2
Unified Destiny: 15 Calm/Peace: 2 Freedom: 2
Body Under Will: 0 Submission: 10 Passion/Rage/Fear: 15
Light Side Points: 10 Dark Side Points: 15
Skills/Knacks Languages
Mechanic: 15 English
Pilot: 5 German
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