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Sylvie Tremblay


Sylvie is a 39-year-old, divorced mother of two teenagers (Josephine, 14, and Michel, a.k.a. Mike, 17), who works as a waitress at the Dew Drop Inn.

She was originally in training to be an OPP officer, but during her probationary period, she started dating her husband-to-be (a fellow officer), and unexpectedly got pregnant. So she resigned in order to get married and have the baby (Michel), originally with the intention of going back once he was old enough to go to school. But by then she had Josephine, and by the time Josephine was old enough to be in school, her marriage was on the rocks, and shortly afterwards her husband left her for the pretty young receptionist at his detachment.

Her parents weren't able to help much as they'd just sold their house in Grant's Falls and moved to a retirement community in Birch Bay, but her somewhat disreputable Aunt Sally, who still lived there, invited her and the kids to move in with her temporarily. But the arrangement ended up becoming relatively permanent, since once Sylvie moved in there, she realized that Sally needed someone to look after her too.

She still daydreams about packing it all in and reapplying to the OPP, and is somewhat frustrated by how differently her life has turned out than what she'd planned - she'd really wanted to get away from there and do something significant with her life, and now she's pushing 40 with nothing to show for life but being a single mom and a roadhouse waitress. She loves her kids, but wishes she'd found a way to balance parenthood with her ambitions.

And then along came the meteorite…


Sylvie is fairly tall, and solidly built from carting around trays of food and cases of beer all day - slightly plump, but with a fair bit of muscle underneath. Her dyed-red hair is normally pulled up in a ponytail to keep it out of the way, and usually has noticeable grey-brown roots since she doesn't get around to colouring it all that often. She's still reasonably attractive, though clearly a bit worn down by life, and tends to dress practically, in jeans and work boots, though with a little bit of makeup on work days.

Her demeanour tends to be cynical, world-wear and frequently sarcastic - but also caring, and she has a bit of a tendency to “mother” everyone. But that compassionate streak doesn't mean she's a pushover - she's well capable of breaking up bar fights, ejecting rowdy drunks, and handling other assorted crises, and at times like that, it's easy to see that she would have made a pretty good cop. She's known in the community for being sold and dependable - the “rock” that everyone tends to rely on.


  • body: 3
  • coordination: 3
  • sense: 3
  • mind: 2
  • charm: 2
  • command: 4
  • base will: 11
  • current will: 11


  • waitress: 3
  • single mom: 4
  • outdoorswoman: 2
  • OPP: 1


Telekinesis: 4+2w

Mass 1600, Range 320, Speed 80

  • TK Smash (A) Range, Mass, Spray +1, No Upward Limit +2
  • TK Block (D) Spray +1
  • Lift Mass (U) Spray +1, Range, Mass +2, No Upward Limit +2, Variable Effect +4, if/then (tk only) -1

Telepathy: 3+1w

Mass 400, Range 80, Speed 20

  • Read Minds (U) Range, Subtle +1
  • Mind Trick (U) Range, Duration +2, Subtle +1
  • Don't Shoot! (D) Duration +2, Range +2, Subtle +1


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